Cod, Black Fillet Skin On P/F

Product #: 11011F

Scientific Name: Octopoda

Country of Origin: USA

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Black cod, also known as sablefish and butterfish, is mildly flavored yet has very high oil content. The oil makes it a great candidate for smoking, after which it tastes a little like lightly cooked bacon, without the calories!

Black cod is harvested throughout the U.S. Pacific, primarily in Alaska.

U.S. and Canadian black cod fisheries are healthy and sustainably managed with very effective controls on fishing and are certified by the Marine Stewardship Council. Black cod are targeted with bottom longlines but are also incidentally caught with trawls and pots targeting other species. Adults live over muddy bottoms that are less likely to be damaged by fishing gear. Seabird bycatch was a problem in the longline fishery but gear modifications have effectively reduced this bycatch.

Fillet; skin on or off.

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