Tilefish Golden Fillet Skin On

Product #: 11041F

Scientific Name: Lopholatilus chamaeleonticeps

Country of Origin: United States

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Catch Info:

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Golden tilefish is a locally harvested fish. Tilefish are a clean white, flaky fish with a distinctly sweet flavor. Golden tilefish are more commonly harvested than their cousin, the grey tilefish.

Most tilefish is harvested in the mid-Atlantic, from the Carolinas to Ocean City, Maryland, though tilefish is also caught off the east coast of Florida and throughout the Gulf of Mexico.

Golden tilefish is more commonly harvested now than in the past, because the population is very healthy and well managed after recovering from an overfished state. Most tilefish are harvested with bottom longline, which have a minimal impact on the muddy bottoms tilefish inhabit. In addition, there are extremely low levels of bycatch when targeting tilefish.


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