Monkfish Fillet

Product #: 11055F

Scientific Name: Gadus morhua

Country of Origin: Norway

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Monkfish (also known as goosefish) is sometimes referred to as poor mans lobster because the tail, the only part consumed, is firm and dense like lobster or scallop; boneless and sweet.

Monkfish is a species of anglerfish caught in the northern Atlantic Ocean.

The U.S. Atlantic monkfish population was overfished but has recovered to a healthy population size. They are harvested with both gillnets and bottom trawls. While gillnets have little impact on the ocean bottom, trawl nets can have a significant impact, though some sensitive areas have been closed to trawling. Both gear types can have substantial amounts of bycatch of fish and protected species of whales, porpoises and turtles. Extensive gear, area and season regulations have been somewhat successful at reducing bycatch, with the exception of harbor porpoises. Further efforts to reduce interactions with harbor porpoise are underway.

Fillets tend to curve or roll a little.

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