Striped Bass Farmed Fillet

Product #: 11091F

Scientific Name: Morone Saxatilis X Morone Saxatilis

Country of Origin: United States

Catch Info:

  • Method:
    Cages/ Net Pens
  • Gear:
    Marine net pens
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This is a cross between an Atlantic striped bass (rockfish) and a white bass. You can identify a hybrid striped bass by the broken stripes along its body. It is mild and delicate, with a less prominent flavor than striped bass.

Hybrid striped bass are farmed throughout the U.S. and are also stocked into lakes and reservoirs for recreational fishing throughout the southeast.

This hybrid cross of striped bass and white bass yields a fish very well suited for aquaculture. It grows larger than white bass but faster than striped bass and can tolerate warmer water temperatures. It is usually grown in tanks or inland ponds, which are isolated from aquatic and marine environments. Waste-water is treated before release and escapes are highly unlikely. Striped bass are carnivorous and require fish protein and oil in their diet for proper nutrition, thus still depends up harvest of wild fish, but is still generally considered an environmentally-friendly choice.

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