Black Sea Bass Fillet

Product #: 11202F

Scientific Name: Centropristis striata

Country of Origin: United States

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Catch Info:

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Black sea bass is a great local option. It is a mildly flavored and tender fish. The flesh is pure white and holds together nicely when cooked and it works very well for whole fish presentations.

Black sea bass is found in the western Atlantic from Canada to Florida and along the Gulf coast of the U.S.

The Mid Atlantic black sea bass population has rebuilt to above target levels and overfishing is not occurring. Management regulations are effective and comprehensive and include an annual quota divided between states, size limits, gear restrictions, permits, and reporting requirements. Black sea bass are caught with trawls, pots and hook-and-line gear. Pots and hook and line generally have a minimal impact on the seafloor because of their limited contact and small footprint. Bycatch is also generally low for these gears. Trawl gear can have a much greater impact on the environment, but they are harvested over muddy and sandy bottoms, which are more resilient to fishing impacts than hard bottom. Bycatch can also be high in trawl fisheries, though minimum mesh sizes allow small animals to escape. In NC and VA, where the range of black sea bass and sea turtles overlaps, trawlers are required to use Turtle Excluder Devices.

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