Squid, Tubes Frz 5/8 China 10/5#

Product #: 22210Y

Scientific Name: Pangasius hypophthalmus

Country of Origin: Vietnam

$6.34 /LB (minimum: 1 EA)

EA (2.5 pound unit each)

Catch Info:

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Squid are actually mollusks, they have a shell inside their body. Much of the squid may be eaten, including the tentacles, tubes and wings. Their meat is mild and a little sweet. Squid is firm when raw and cooked. Overcooked squid will become very tough, but will tenderize again after at least 30 minutes of cooking.

Various species of squid are harvested throughout the world.

Squid from China can be considered moderately sustainable. The stock status is unknown but squid are very resilient to fishing pressure. China does have a data collection system in place but it is not very reliable and does not often report catch down to the species level. Management regulations are minimal and need improvement to contend with rapidly changing squid populations. According to the FAO, continental shelf/near shore squid are likely fully exploited worldwide but oceanic, high seas squid harvest could probably increase. Unfortunately there is little scientific data on these populations and the high seas fisheries are not managed. While no specific information on gears used to harvest squid in China was available, most squid worldwide are caught with trawl nets and jigs (vertical hook and line). Jigs do not come in contact with bottom habitat and are highly targeted on squid, thus there should be few ecosystem interactions and little bycatch. Trawls can be fished on the bottom or in mid water. Bottom trawls have potential to negatively impact the sea floor while mid water trawls should have no effect. Trawls generally target tight aggregations of squid and typically have little bycatch.

This packer brand is tubes only; they are 5 to 8 inches in length.

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