Ivy City Smoked Salmon Indian Candy

Product #: 85021

Scientific Name: Salmo salar

Country of Origin: Chile


Catch Info:

  • Mehtod:
    Cages/ Net Pens
  • Gear:
    Marine net pens
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Cooked using a hot smoke, the process allows a slight pelicle to help seal the robust flavor in the fish. The particular wood used for creating the smoke helps add different flavor profiles.

Indian candy is a style of Hot Smoking that was used by Native Americans in the Pacific Northwest. Sometimes referred to as Squaw Candy, the salmon was hung from the roof of a wooden stick built smoke house covered with a molasses based syrup and hot smoked until almost completely dry. This method retarded the degradation process and allowed for a longer shelf life. The Ivy City Indian Candy is made in the same traditional methods developed by these food pioneers over a century ago.

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