Retail Customers

Register here for Home Delivery or Pickup near you! With this account you can order for home delivery, depending on whether your zip code is within our delivery range, for pickup at one of our convenient drop zone locations or by FedEx next day shipment.

Captain’s Choice are the Product Favorites and pricing for these are set weekly, unless weather (what we in the business like to call Mother Nature) forces an immediate change.

Specials are great buys by our experienced staff that we want to pass on to you and pricing can change daily or even hourly!

Payment for purchases is expected at the time of order. The final charge for your purchases can not be determined until the EXACT weight is cut and determined – which we try to do as close to the order departing our warehouse as possible. As a result your payment method is authorized, but not charged until the exact final calculation of weight occurs. Please note that we at Profish do not ever record your credit card information, and in order to prepare for the final charge, we must authorize an estimated final amount.

Wholesale Customer

For those of you who are involved in the hospitality profession, sign in here. This would include a Restaurant Chef, a Caterer, a hotel Chef, or a foodservice kitchen manager or a retirement home Chef or a purchaser of any kind. In order to view the prices given to those accounts, whose drop size is significantly larger than a home, you must call 1- 800-967-9726 or email Your account will be established and a Sales Rep assigned, who will immediately contact you. Terms are available after Profish makes a determination based upon an application available here. Once set up the prices shown will reflect those discounts afforded a commercial grade, volume buyer. Please note wholesale account pricing prices will only appear when LOGGED IN.

Payment for wholesale is determined by the Terms set in our accounting office and strict terms must be followed. Part of the application includes a guarantee, available here, of which may be required to achieve credit terms desired.

Documents you will need to set up an account include

  • Profish Credit Application
  • W-9
  • Delivery Instructions
  • Contact Information including Accounting, or Bookkeeping, and detail of who is authorized to order

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