1. Q: Can I return the Styrofoam Boxes and Gel Packs?

    A: Yes, upon your next order or you may drop off at your pick-up location (no order required). If you have ordered direct to your door and need the box picked up, you can call our Retail line at (202) 529-0070.

  2. Q: When is your cutoff for placing orders?

    A: You have up until 3:00 pm the day prior of delivery to place your order. (For instance, if you are placing an order on Tuesday for Saturday pick-up/direct delivery, you have until Friday 3:00pm to place the order).

  3. Q: Why do I see an Approximate total price and an Authorization Amount** on the confirmation email?

    A: Please read the double asterisk at the bottom of your confirmation page where it explains the 20% estimate, while also stating that the final weights will be submitted after processing.

  4. Q: When placing a direct home delivery order, when can I expect my delivery?

    A: All direct home delivery orders are routed the morning of delivery, depending on number of orders and location we then determine how best to route driver. Most of our orders are delivered between 10:00 am and 2:00 pm.

  5. Q: When will Profish deliver its Fresh selections to my area via Pick-up location or direct home delivery?

    A: We are working non-stop to attempt to bring our Wholesale to the Public to the entire DMV area.

  6. Q: Should I receive an itemized invoice with my order?

    A: Yes, after ordering you receive a confirmation e-mail, but upon delivery of your order you should receive a paper copy of the completed invoice. If you do not receive this invoice, please call our Retail line at (202) 529-0070 to request your copy.

  7. Q: Is there a minimum to place an order and do you charge a delivery fee?

    A: All orders require a $50 minimum, if you request a direct to your door order there is also a $15 delivery fee added.

  8. Q: Has the Fish been previously frozen, may I freeze after purchase from Profish?

    A: All of our Fresh Fish selections are not previously frozen and you may freeze if needed. Best practice for fresh Fish and Crabmeat that you plan to use in a few days is to keep product in a waterproof bag/container and keep on Ice.

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